Buddy Referral



Profile XL’s Buddy Referral Program is a unique endeavor to provide an opportunity to young job aspirants to refer their buddy for a job and become eligible for attractive rewards.


Important Note


Before the process to refer a buddy is initiated, it is important that the participant knows the nature of business done by Profile XL thoroughly. As a new age recruitment consultancy, Profile XL specializes in manpower sourcing for top companies and also one of the most trusted job provider for millions of aspiring candidates. We help job aspirants with internships, live projects and entry level opportunities for a variety of exciting industry verticals. Through this unique referral program it is mandatory to register with us through this portal. After successful sign up, we will give you an introductory call to verify your details. Post authenticity of your good self is ensured, it will be followed by a telephonic conversation with Profile XL executive. Please read all other information carefully.


Referrer Eligibility Criteria


Whether you are a new job aspirant or have been successfully placed by Profile XL, you are eligible for the buddy referral program. In addition to this, you need to be:-


Ø  A resident of India who is at least 18 years of age or older

Ø  Having some work experience with organizations (Manager, Senior Associate, Associate or Intern level position) in a temporary or permanent role


However, third party recruiters and recruitment agencies/vendors are not eligible for this program. The Referrer will not be eligible to participate in this Buddy Referral Program if the submission of a Referral could possibly, in Profile XL’s sole discretion constitutes a conflict of interest or violation of any non-solicitation obligation.


Referral Eligibility Criteria


The Referral Program only applies to Buddy referrals taken on board with Profile XL, India branch. The Referral has to be an individual (a fresher or having some work experience with an organisation)


Referrer Rewards


A referrer is only eligible for a reward if he/she is professionally and/or personally known to the Referral. By participating in the Buddy Referral Program the Referrer guarantees that the Referral is aware of the submission being made. In the event that Profile XL receives multiple Referrals for the same individual only the Referrer who approached us first will be eligible for the incentive subject to the other terms and conditions.


How it works


Step 1:

Referrers submit their Buddy Referrals via first registering through Profile XL website

In addition to it, the referrer must e-mail the following details about the referral to emailid@profilexl.com


Ø  Buddy Referral Name

Ø  Buddy Referral Email and/or Phone Number

Ø  Referral’s LinkedIn Profile (if any)

Ø  Buddy Referral’s Location

Ø  Referrer’s Association to Referral

Ø  Length of Time Referrer Has Known Referral

Ø  Notes on Referral’s Current Requirement (optional)

Ø  Referrer’s Preferred Email/Phone


Step 2:

Become a member by registering on Profile XL web portal


Step 3:

The Referrer has to undergo a background check process and this is on the sole discretion of Profile XL management


Step 4:

A Confirmation from the Referrer also as to be made to ensure that he/she is not violating any non-solicitation obligations by submitting the Referral



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